Fatbaby Ice Cream

All natural ice cream made in small batches. We make all our ice creams and inclusions from scratch, ensuring that we have direct control over what goes into your tub of Fatbaby Ice Cream.

Fatbaby Ice Cream FAQ

 We've been asked quite a few questions about Fatbaby Ice Cream, what it is and why are our ice creams are different. So we thought it'd be helpful to pool these questions together onto one page as a reference.  If you have any burning questions that are not listed here, just give us a shout here.

1) What is Fatbaby Ice Cream? 

Here at Fatbaby, we churn out ice cream from our home kitchen using basic ingredients that you'll find in most home kitchen. We steer clear of artificial ingredients and stick with what we can find in our pantry, things like: milk, cream, sugar, eggs, chocolate, coffee beans and the like. We believe that good food stems from good ingredients. You can find a list of the ingredients we use here.

2) So where can I get hold of some Fatbaby Ice Cream? 

We are stocked in various cafes and restaurants around the Klang Valley. Details of our stockists can be found here

3) I've just bought Fatbaby Ice Cream, what's the best way to keep it? 

You should keep your tub of Fatbaby in the coldest part of your freezer, preferably at the bottom of the freezer (as cold air is heavy, they tend to move downwards) . Try to keep it away from the freezer door as this will expose your ice cream to temperature shock everytime you open the freezer door and this will impact the texture of your ice cream. Also, if you are keeping any leftover Fatbaby Ice Cream, be sure to put clingfilm over the ice cream (making sure the film touches the surface of the ice cream). This is to prevent ice crystals from forming on the surface.

4) So how long can I keep Fatbaby Ice Cream for? 

We do not put any preservatives into our ice creams so its' shelf life isn't as long as some of the store bought ice creams. We recommend finishing your ice cream within 3 weeks after it's been opened. This is because the ice cream would melt everytime you take it out of the freezer and refreeze when you put it back in. This would gradually introduce ice crystals in the ice cream which will impact the taste as well as the texture of the ice cream. 

5)  I've just taken out a tub of Fatbaby Ice Cream from the freezer. It's pretty hard and I can't even scoop it out! What's the deal? 

You will find that our ice creams are quite solid straight out of the freezer compared to other store bought ice creams. We believe in keeping our products as natural as possible which is why we steer clear from stabilizers which are often added in most mass produced ice creams to aid "scoopability". Our ice creams also contain significantly less sugar which means it has a higher melting point. We also believe good things come to those who wait. :) So take your ice cream out of the freezer and let it sit for a couple of minutes on the kitchen counter before digging in. 

6) I've had Fatbaby Ice Cream before but this cup I've got tastes slightly different. Why is that? 

Each cup of Fatbaby Ice Cream is handmade and handpacked. Sure we use a machine to churn the ice cream but the process leading up to that is all done by hand using natural ingredients. The thing about natural ingredients like apples, for example, is that no two fruits are the same. One batch may be more tart than the other and we wouldn't have it any other way. This stems from our belief in not using artificial flavours to make all batches taste the same. The ingredients we use should stand out rather than masked by additional flavouring. As we make the ice cream from scratch by hand you can expect a slight variation to each cup of Fatbaby. We think this just makes each experience you have with us unique. 

7) Is your ice cream halal? 

We do not have a halal certification but all the ingredients we use are halal certified. We do not make any alcoholic ice creams and do not use gelatine in our ice cream.

8) I'd like to get some Fatbaby Ice Cream for an event I'm throwing. How do I make it happen?

Oh goodie, a party! Just get in touch with us at hello@fatbabyicecream.com with your event details and we'd be happy to help you plan the ice cream portion of it. For big events, we have Fatbaby freezers which you can rent to house the ice creams.