Fatbaby Ice Cream

All natural ice cream made in small batches. We make all our ice creams and inclusions from scratch, ensuring that we have direct control over what goes into your tub of Fatbaby Ice Cream.


Here at Fatbaby Ice Cream, we believe in keeping things simple. We make our ice creams from ingredients you can easily find in your own kitchen, this is how we got started and this is how we intend to keep it.

All our ice creams are made up of 4 main ingredients: cream, milk, sugar and egg yolks. This forms our ice cream base  and flavours are then added to this base to make a range of ice cream flavours. We aim to use all natural ingredients, that means no artificial colours & flavours, stabilisers or preservatives are added to our ice cream. 

All our ice cream, toppings and baked goods are made on-site in our kitchen in Subang Jaya.